Legal Services

At hvv, we see ourselves as a highly specialized law firm focusing on the legal administration of assets and estates. This encompasses the execution of wills and the administration of estates of all sizes, including commercial enterprises or companies which are to continue operating. In addition, we advise business clients on questions of strategic alignment and in complex issues of commercial and civil law.

Thanks to our many years’ experience as insolvency administrators and fiduciaries in proceedings pursuant to sections 270a and 270b of the German insolvency code (InsO – Insolvenzordnung), we have mastered the entire toolkit of reorganization and restructuring instruments and are familiar with the different perspectives of all parties involved. We also provide advice in the area of insolvency rescission law, which is becoming increasingly important from an economic point of view, and help to contest unjustified claims of the insolvency administrator or to arrive at acceptable out-of-court settlements. Over the years we have forged a strong interdisciplinary network of tax accountants, business economists and corporate consultants who we can draw upon as needed to offer each client optimal and comprehensive services.